We meet again 12kg… Ugh

It’s been a while! As I sit here in the wake of having just begun my new program, I decided to get back to blogging while my muscles and ligaments stitch themselves back together again. Dr. B decided to pull a fast one on me and give me the 12kg hammer. Ouch. Lets go back in time a couple weeks, shall we?


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3 replies
  1. Ferdinand Mulder
    Ferdinand Mulder says:

    Did you already figured out why you have to throw the 12 k ?? While you have to much strength for the 7. Is it because of slowing down your nervous system ??

    I hope it will workout for you in june


    • Kibwe
      Kibwe says:

      Hello Ferdinand!

      I’m pretty sure my theory is correct as to why he had my throw the 12kg even after saying I was “too strong”. I think it’s primarily the fact that my technique/patience is pretty good right now with my 12k/10k/9k, I need to transfer that patience into the 7 and not be to quick to jump the gun out of double support.

      I just began the 3rd phase of my program that will lead into my peak condition for US Nationals at the end of June and I think it’s a promising sign.

      Thanks for the interest! I hope you and your athletes are doing well


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