A Story of Lasting Impression…

There is almost exactly one week remaining before my National meet in Des Moines, Iowa. Rather than bore you with numbers and thoughts about training and such, I have decided to share a story that left an impact on me personally and athletically.

The other night I finally got around to watching the English dubbed version of ‘The Throwing Pope’. I watched it initially when Martin posted it, but it was in Hungarian. But I was fascinated none the less (of course!). This video had me reminiscing about my one and only encounter with the late great coach, Pál Németh.


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  1. Rick Faulkne
    Rick Faulkne says:

    I really enjoyed the film, the athletes, and the coach. Gives me a better incite to what you are up to in training and competition. I also picked up on a few Hungarian words in the film, as my god-father was Hungarian. Good luck Crystal.


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