“Need Think About 80…” and video

The last two weeks have really been crazy in training here. It’s been hot, and so has our throwing! Crystal’s training is really improving and it’s the right time because Canadian Nationals are next weekend. This week she achieved a new lifetime training best and it was almost better than her lifetime meet best. This result is outstanding because Crystal is the athlete that gains meters from training to meet day.

When we first came to Kamloops, I remember asking Dr. B what he thought I could throw. I asked if he thought I could throw 80m, the benchmark for professional male hammer throwers. He basically shrugged of my question and said, “I don’t know, I must watch. Maybe.” But he really reiterated the “I don’t know” part. I believe that my overall talent is well above 80, so I did my best not to let that conversation get to me.


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