USAs and Bondarchuk’s Thoughts

Hi! It’s taken me a bit longer than I planned to give you all an update, but here it is! I competed at USA Nationals in Des Moines last week and finished 2nd with a new personal best of 76.31m less than a foot behind first.Dr. B was relatively happy with my performance, but knows, “I can more” as he would say it.


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6 replies
  1. Blaine
    Blaine says:

    Grow! Grow! Grow!

    That’s what she said!

    But seriously, what exactly does he mean by grow? I am curious?

    Congrats at USA’s, can’t wait to see how your summer season finishes up! Say hi to Canada for me!


    • Kibwe
      Kibwe says:

      lol, Blaine!

      So when Mr B talks about “grow”, he is referring to the transfer. All of our training leading up to a peak condition is when we grow. The peak condition is the end result of the growing period. After the peak condition, that process starts all over again. In a perfect world, each peak condition, you will add distance. Period. For me, I have continued to add every peak condition since beginning training here. It doesn’t mean meters, but any improvement is acceptable.

      You gain strength from heavy hammers and all of the special strength exercises we do and that strength needs to be transferred to the competition weight. The same needs to happen with light hammers. And that speed needs to be transfered to the comp weight.

      The complicated part of this process is what is still a mystery and what makes him a living legend.

      This is why I’m confident 80 will come next season 😉

      See you soon!

  2. Jon
    Jon says:

    Good Job Kibwe! Glad to see Dr. B’s training is working well with you. I have a question about the training. When you are in the first couple weeks of you training phases what do you notice?

    I notice that the start of a new phase 5-6 days in I get a huge rise out of my nervous system and throw very well. 7-21 days I am down and then the 22-27 days in my throws increase. Have you ever noticed a 5-6 day peak?


    • Kibwe
      Kibwe says:


      You would most certainly get a different answer to that question from any one of us that train here. So here is my answer: When I switch a program, the very first day, I throw really well. And then performance drops for about 3 days. Then begins the building back up and eventually surpassing what I threw the first day of the program. I can get to a peak in about 13 sessions B says. So when I am down, it isn’t for very long. But when I’m down, I can barely throw 65m, usually less, but the technique is more or less the same. That’s just how it works. There is good condition, and then the true peak. Such as when preparing for a Nationals or major international event. Some people throw well for a few days at the beginning, then drop, etc. There are a few reactions.

      It sounds like you’re making some good observations in your training. Keep that up, It’s pretty invaluable.

      Thanks for reading and asking great questions!

  3. Rick Faulkner
    Rick Faulkner says:

    Hi Kibwe,
    I am truly impressed with this web site of yours and Crystal, and now have a better understanding of the Hammer Throw, and the hard work you two have put in. All the best to you both in your future endeavours.


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