In Search of a Good Ring

It’s hard to find some good competitions this time of year, so I’ve actually spent a lot of time lately searching for good hammer rings. Showing up to a competition in Europe can be a bit of a gamble in this department. For instance, check out this ring fellow UW grad Aretha Thurmond had to throw out of in July. I’ve already found one great ring in Locarno and visited it for four meets this year. My former roommate Sultana Frizell came to visit for the week to get a break from her training camp in Germany. We were table to find a good ring on Wednesday at a meet in Löffingen, a pint sized town in the Black Forest of southwest Germany.

We drove to the meet with Richard and Yvette Bot, Dutch throwers that live in Switzerland and we met in Kamloops at the World Masters Championships last year. Other than us, everyone else at the meet was likely old enough to remember the war in Germany. But, the ring was good and that was enough. Yvette threw a personal best. Richard threw his best throw in seven years and a new record for the Swiss canton of Wallis. Sultan threw over 70 meters again. And I also had my best mark since the Swiss Championships with a throw of 64.15m. I am especially happy with that mark since I was struggling to throw over 60 meters with some throws at practice last week.


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2 replies
  1. tbone
    tbone says:

    Your German’s fine, but how’s your Swiss? That’s truly an alien language she’s speaking.

    Thanks for your recent posts on the Steinstossen and Hornusse. Very entertaining and good to see one of our athletes getting out of the house in Europe and enjoying things.

    • Martin
      Martin says:

      I am at the point where I can understand most of what is said in Zürich Swiss-German since I am exposed to it a lot. However, some of the mountain varieties (especially from Valais/Wallis) leave me at a loss.


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