Lovely Luxembourg

As much as I like Switzerland, I am always searching for meets outside the country so I can face some tougher competition or find a good ring. After meeting Luxembourg champion Steve Tonizzo in Locarno last month, I was invited to the CAPA Memorial Kops Ludivig Reuter competition, a late-season throwers memorial meet that he hosts with some of the top French, Belgian and German throwers. Good meets are hard to find, so I was pleased to have a a chance to throw against some good competition and also visit my sister who lives nearby. Having visited Liechtenstein back in 2007, the trip would also allowed me to complete my tour of small countries and principalities that begin with the letter ‘L’.

After talking about rhythm in my last post, my goal for this meet was to establish a rhythm that will give me confidence to carry over into next year. I met that goal and had little foul trouble at this competition. I threw just under 64 meters, which isn’t that bad for this late in the season. I actually led for most of the competition, before fading to third, but I still beat  the Belgian national champion. I obviously want a little more, but I was pleased with my result.


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