Three Types of Rhythm

Rhythm is important on every level in the hammer throw. The rhythm begins in the throw itself. After a few slow winds, each turn gets progressively faster, but it a controlled manner. Sudden accelerate tends to throw things off, but a rhythmic throw keeps the system in order and will lead to far throws. But the rhythm extends beyond the throw. Each meet must have rhythm. Each season must have rhythm. Without it, you’ll fall short of your goals, which has happened to me this season. I plan on posting a more thorough review of the year once I’m completely finished in a few weeks. But, after another mediocre meet yesterday, I realized one big thing I’ve missed this season: rhythm.

Throughout my career, I’ve always fouled a lot of throws. With size 15 feet, there is little room for error. When I’m on, things go great, but if things are off, it tends to lead to fouls. In the past, the fouls have merely been frustrating. But this year they have thrown off my rhythm. Ideally, a meet should start off with a good throw that you can build on in subsequent attempts. However, fouls throw off that rhythm. That has happened a lot this year. In several meets, that foundational mark didn’t come until the fifth or sixth round, too late to use its momentum to build upon. If I had been able to get those marks in the first round, I know my season’s best would be much closer to the 70-meters I have been expecting.


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7 replies
  1. Loree Smith
    Loree Smith says:

    Great Post Martin. Rhythm is everything. We gain momentum in our throw, we gain momentum in our season. We especially gain momentum going into big years like World Champs and Olympics. I like to building on each turn, building on each meet, and building each year. I know first hand how it can feel when you are losing ground or feeling rushed to make up a bad turn, a bad throw, a bad meet, and a bad year. Love your blog, love the insight and love reading a fellow person where the hammer isn’t just a medal ball but a metaphor for life! Good luck, I know good things are headed your way.

    • Martin
      Martin says:

      Thanks. It sounds like your new situation (or return to the old situation) is going to work out great. We all need to find out what’s best and I might even make a few changes for the upcoming year (stay tuned).

  2. stew thomoson
    stew thomoson says:

    Martin, would you send me Marty Engel’s e mail number. You can ask him if it is O.K> He and I are old competitors and friends. Unfortunately I have lost his address and e Mail since he moved in with his daughter.
    Stew Thomson


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