Goodbye Northwest, Hello Zurich

Throughout my career as a hammer thrower, I’ve constantly been traveling to find coaching. I traveled to Harold Connolly‘s cabin in southwest Virginia, to clinics on both coasts, and across the country to learn from the country’s top coaches. As a young college thrower, I went to training camps in Hungary, Belarus, and Slovenia to learn from the world’s top coaches. Then, in 2005, I met Anatoli Bondarchuk after he moved to Kamloops. He wrote my training programs while I attended law school in Seattle and after years of making the five-hour drive to visit him on the weekends, I’ve spent most of my time in Kamloops since graduating in 2008.

Since finding Bondarchuk as a coach, my schedule has essentially reversed. I’ve now spent the past two years constantly traveling away from him. Since 2008, I have made the five-hour trip back to Seattle for work several weeks each month. And, this week I signed a contract that will move me even farther away from coach Bondarchuk. But while I will be leaving Kamloops, I will be moving close to something I have missed the past few years: routine…


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4 replies
  1. Björn
    Björn says:

    Hi Martin
    Wish you all the best for your future. Hope, that routine will give you back what you’ve lost. I know how important that is…
    I would be glad to compete next year again with you.

    Greetings form St. Gallen (near the lake of Constanaze)


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