Fall Training Update

Sometimes I forget that this site started as a way to update everyone on my training and results. It’s often hard to write about training this time of year since, frankly, it can get a bit monotonous. At least this winter I will have some results to post since I will be throwing outside rather the indoors.

Once again, my only break this “offseason” was for a few days of travel. As soon as I arrived back in North America last month, Dr. Bondarchuk put me on an active rest program. This meant that I completely stopped weight lifting, but have been doing some simple core exercises and maintaining a decent throwing volume of 75 to 210 throws each week with the 5- and 8-kilogram hammers. The rest has been perfect. Rather than losing a few meters by taking the entire month off, I have actually gained distance by allowing my body to rest while still keeping in contact with the hammer. On Saturday I threw a new personal best of 62.20-meters with the 8-kilogram hammer. During that training session, half of my throws were over my old personal best of 61.90-meters.

The great results have to be attributed to resting. My strength is likely down since I have not lifted anything heavier than a hammer in the last five weeks. My technique, is a bit of a mixed bag too. I am happier with the start of my throw, but as you can see in the video below my low point is drifting towards my left foot in the final turns and I am not able to accelerate the hammer when it matters the most. In any event, throwing a personal best is always a good sign, especially when the weather is cold, it is six months before the season starts, and I am without a coach watching me everyday. Once all of the factors line up, my results should press forward even more.


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5 replies
  1. TBell
    TBell says:

    A PR that far to the left? You’re ready for something big.

    Looks like you come up with the hammer at 90 which means you come down whenever the hammer feels like it, allowing the low point to happen later and later.

    But what does Coach B say for this symptom?

    • Martin
      Martin says:

      It was actually in the sector. The camera angle makes it look like I pulled it much more than I actually did. I come up a little on the first turn and that has been a problem for years, but I am actually not as worried about it now since it is not as bad as it used to be. Dr. B would tell me to be more passive with the legs (keep them still so I don’t stand up) and push the hammer out to the left more on the entry. I will also try to flatten out the first turn since I know that when it gets a little steep I can’t help but come up some.


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