Offseason Training Recap

My year typically can be broken down into three phases: the offseason, the preseason, and the competitive season. The offseason lasts from September until February and can hardly be thought of as time off. This is the time when I dedicate myself to training and put in the highest amount of volume during the year. The preseason begins in March and lasts until the end of May. During this time my training will remain the same, but I will begin to do a few competitions to test my form. Then, from June until August the big meets begin and I start to back off the training a little to try and reach new bests.

Over the past few weeks, the indoor track and field season has begun. While there is no hammer throw indoors***, the start of the indoor season always reminds me that the outdoor season is near. In fact, this week I am finishing a very intense 9-week training program and will be rewarded with a few weeks of light training. While my amount of throws I take will actually increase during this phase, the weight room volume will plummet and most of my throws will be with lighter hammers. After focusing on heavier hammers for the past few months, the rest and light hammers should allow me to regain some speed and transfer my new strength into the competition hammer. The new program should take me through the end of the offseason and the start of my preseason at the European Cup of Winter Throwing in Sofia, Bulgaria. I’ve posted a tentative schedule for the rest of my season on the Schedule and Results page.


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    • Martin
      Martin says:

      Thanks. As I’m sure you are noticing, it is much nicer to train outside in the winter. The feedback from results can be motivating. Hopefully you are still able to get out and continue training in the sun with your new job.


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