Swag Vol. 2

Since posting my most recent blog last Thursday, I’ve gotten quite a few requests to expand on some of the points that I mentioned. So I’m going to try and address as much of that as possible with my personal experience and other information.

I personally have not always been so confident in sport. It’s definitely something that I have had to cultivate over time. I think like everything else we do in sport, it takes practice. And practice make perfect. Controlling your emotions is very important. Being both over-stimulated or under-stimulated are things you don’t want. Having your emotions more in check will give you better success. You are driven by emotion, the important point is to know when to change your expectations.


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2 replies
  1. Robert Willmott
    Robert Willmott says:

    So early last week I printed out and gave 4 of my athletes your two blogs about Swag. We talked about it. We had a practice where instead of measuring the throw we graded the quality of the swag. They competed this past weekend at their conference championship. They racked up two conference champions, three school records and each of them PR’d.

    The power of words.

    Thanks for your words and your leadership.

    • Kibwe
      Kibwe says:


      That is Fantastic! I’m glad your kids responded so well to you. Keep it up and I wish you more great results the rest of the season!


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