Wind-aided Hammer Throwing

One of the great things about Zürich is that I can throw outside year round. In Kamloops, we had to throw indoors, and that left me guessing about how my training was going. Now I know. However, one of the bad things about Zürich is that I can throw outside year round. The wind is really blowing this week which means that practice isn’t always the highlight of my day.

Bondarchuk has a viewpoint on everything, including the wind. Now some of his viewpoints are based on science, some on experience, some on intuition, and some are based on no foundation at all. I used to think his views on the wind were a load of crap.

I remember throwing into a gale force wind during one of my first training sessions I had with Bondarchuk. I had been changing a lot in my technique, and my results sucked as a result. Dr. B told me “Don’t worry, with wind result down five meters.” I thought he was just trying to cheer me up after a bad practice. A few days later, the wind reappeared but I threw much better. I thought this would disprove his comment, but he replied “Great result! Without wind would be new best.” At least he was consistent, but I didn’t believe him.


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  1. Robert Willmott
    Robert Willmott says:

    Even if you are throwing indoors??….if there is wind passing inside…i have to wonder what kind of wind it is!


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