2011 Season Goals

The 2011 season is on the horizon. Tomorrow we are finally going back to training outside. We went in for winter training on November 17th. This was the earliest we had gone in since winter 2008. Also the second latest to head back outside. So to say that I’m itching to watch my hammer  fly further than 9m is an understatement. However, just like last year, I have a faint sense of anxiety about it. Not as much as last year. No doubt because I had a lot to prove to people then, starting with myself. I’m beginning to think this faint anxiety is just good, nervous energy. I know my technique is better than last year and therefore my distances will be as well. I just want to get out there!


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  1. Kibwe
    Kibwe says:

    Our statistician, Martin 😀 , informed me of an error. I will NOT be the first under 30. Sorry Jud and Ken!!

    I’ll just stick with 80 before 30. That’s got a nice ring to it.


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