Almost Time/The Wooosh

This one goes out to the AU Eagles! Good luck to the throwers in their openers this weekend in South Carolina.


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5 replies
  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you throw at Mt. Sac. Is there any way you could post what a program looks like for you to see the differences between what Martin Bingisser does? Thanks.

    • Kibwe
      Kibwe says:

      Well, it’s kinda difficult to post what the differences are going to be because there are so many when it comes to what we do for lifting. We may all have different exercises, different weight, tempos, sets and reps, duration of program, etc. There is even a difference of # of programs. (For instance, I’m on 3 right now)

      What I can say is at some point, almost all of us do the same exercises, it just depends on the individual. So one sample workout out of the whole process which is literally a four year cycle isn’t accurate as they all build on each other. Hope this wasn’t too vague…

  2. tomsonite
    tomsonite says:

    I agree, I’d love to see a sample of one of your training cycles. It would be interesting to compare it not only to what you and Martin do, but to compare it to what you used to do under Jud Logan or even to other throwers around the world.

  3. tomsonite
    tomsonite says:

    Also, how do you set up the “wooosh” well? Is it a matter of doing something different in the entry/first turn, or just making sure everything is together from the beginning or something like that?

    • Kibwe
      Kibwe says:

      Well I can tell you under Jud, our programs never lasted more than 3 weeks, (unless it was summer base training or something.) This was mainly based on the idea that you don’t want the body to adapt to the training. So even though we basically do the EXACT opposite of that, (we can sometimes be on programs upwards of 8 weeks or more), I still love it. And when I retire from throwing, I will train myself that way again.

      I believe that how people feel the wooosh is going to be individualized. So for me, I need these points right for me to feel it:

      -Long DS on 2nd wind into entry.
      -Lower on my legs at the start
      -Wait for the hammer to pass. LEt it do the work. (which goes for every turn)


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