The Amazing Body

I am continually amazed and fascinated by the body and how it works. I can’t get over it! Crystal and I were just talking about this the other day. As the body gets itself into a ‘good state’ as Bondarchuk calls it, I can feel it happening. Peak condition is the epitome of good state. Last week, for about 2 and a half days I was completely useless to try and throw harder than 60%. (arbitrary number, I know.) It just ends up being wild, I can’t control myself in the ring, and the ball doesn’t go far. Our body awareness is never as good, I may even seem a bit forgetful and clumsy. I have finally gotten used to the fact that when the nervous system says it isn’t there, there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. I can accept it now and I just work for the best technical throws I can accomplish with much less effort. These are now great training days as well.


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3 replies
  1. Tom Karos
    Tom Karos says:

    You are truly an inspiration and best of luck to you this season. I know you have it in you to have an extremely successful season and your future is full bright lights.

    Start it off next weekend!


  2. Martin
    Martin says:

    It’s strange too since the non-peak time affects everyone in the group differently. In the ring I think both of us just suck at throwing far then. But others can’t even complete a throw, lose coordination, get sore muscles, etc. Outside the ring I could sleep for 12 hours and it wouldn’t be enough during non-peak times, but I can function off of just a few hours of sleep during a peak time. The body is a strange thing.

  3. tomsonite
    tomsonite says:

    My dream job would be doing studies on a training group like yours. Unfortunately there is no $$ at all for research like that in America. I don’t know if any research like that gets funding in Canada…is there anywhere near Kamloops to get a PhD? 🙂


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