2011 USA Prep and the Secret

As I approach USA Champs in Eugene, Oregon, my focus has narrowed. This tunnel vision has always allowed me work overtime on new technical points, or just improve on existing points. The need to throw far in training takes a back seat to consistent form. I began a new program which includes 2 different programs on June 12.


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2 replies
  1. Steve Ramirez
    Steve Ramirez says:

    Kib, just read the hammer article in the Mag; awesome stuff. It’s awesome that your training with your coach; kick ass @ Eugene, brother.

  2. Daniel Kincade
    Daniel Kincade says:

    Hey Kib. You have no idea how happy reading this made me. I am in Moscow for the summer and you can be sure to have at least one person in the crowd from the states rooting for you. Let it fly man


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