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I just got done reading Glenn Thompson’s interview with Anthony Washington in the May 2011 issue of Long and Strong Throwers Journal. Tony Washington was, and is a serious discus hero of mine. Back in 8th grade when I first picked up a discus, soon after I knew that name. As a young African-American athlete, to see someone looking like me while throwing well at the international level was inspiring. I grew up around track and field. And knew that I’d love to go to the Olympics one day and compete for my country. Never having my mind set on any one event, or sport for that matter. To be honest, I don’t think I ever actually saw myself doing it until around 9th grade. I hope I can inspire someone as Tony Washington did for me.


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  1. joe donahue
    joe donahue says:

    I met Tony when he was Syracuse, coached by Sandra Burke (now Fowler).sandra threw for me at Northeastern. He was an impressive young man, an architech major of considerable intelligence. His finish in the discus was one of the most powerful i had ever seen. He was the dominant discus force of that time in college i thought and a quite remarkable well rounded man.


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