Training Talk with Mac Wilkins (Part 2)

On Tuesday I posted the first part of my recent interview with 1976 Olympic discus champion Mac Wilkins. We talked about the current state of the discus throw in America and his new projects with the Mac Wilkins Throwers Academy and the The Wilkins Review. In this final part we turn our attention to training and what characteristics he sees are needed by elite discus throwers.


Martin: What aspect of training or technique do most American discus throwers get right?

Mac: They wear throwing shoes when throwing. They know which edge of the discus to hold in their fingers…


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  1. throwscoach1
    throwscoach1 says:

    Track in the US has to be supported by corporations. It has to also have resulting media support. It needs trading cards, tv commercials, and apparel. Meets have to happen every month on cable and in magazines. There have to be scandals and legendary victories. An elite few who are throwing far won’t help anyone or the sport in general. Someone needs to convince Ford Motor Co. to support the world throws center and GM to sponsor the Portland Throw Center, not the USATF. The USATF has sprints, jumps, and many other events to worry about. Financial stability is the key to improving the throws, and marketing is crucial to sustaining them. Thanks.


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