Training Talk With Jean-Pierre Egger (Part 1)

Nearly every thrower knows who famed shot putter Werner Günthör is. But few people know the man behind the athlete: his coach Jean-Pierre Egger. A former Olympian himself, Jean-Pierre became the Swiss national throws coach and guided Günthör to three world titles and an Olympic bronze medal in 1988. After Günthör retired in the mid-1990s, Jean-Pierre began to focus his attention on other sports and found just as much success as the strength and conditioning coach for, among other, the America’s Cup champion Alinghi yachting team and the silver medal winning French national basketball team.

Jean-Pierre has now returned part-time to the sport and has been coaching Olympic shot put champion Valerie Adams since last winter. In June I had a chance to visit a training session at the Swiss Olympic Training Center in Magglingen. After the workout we sat down to discuss throwing and training.


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6 replies
  1. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Awesome interview
    i look forward to more
    i have a copy of the documentary of the gunthor training dvd

    thanks martin

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    I stumbled upon this just now, while searching for recent info on Anatoliy Bondarchuk. Best stumble in a long time, I have always thought of JPE as one of the best coaches ever. May I add that something really worth mentioning is that the author of the “new methods” presented above by Jean-Pierre is none less than Manny Legeard, the now well-known strength coach operating at the OC who is apparently in the process of discreetly revolutionizing a lot of outdated concepts. That’s why the 3/7 system is more often than not referred to as “the Legeard system”, to give credit where credit is due I suppose. Speaking anecdotally, I attended one of his conferences when I was in Col Springs: quite the sensation, to say the least. I see his system becoming a staple in a lot of programs: it’s now used by WC coaches like Brown, Wilson, Fred Roualen, Flaction, Egger, etc. And yes, it’s definitely a breakthrough re: the abysmally stupid and outrageously outdated 10×10. Once again, great interview. Thanks for sharing! I’ll put a link to this on charliefrancis. ITMT… LONDON’S CALLIN’! ^^


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