Training Talk With Jean-Pierre Egger (Part 2)

On Friday I posted the first part of my interview with Jean-Pierre Egger, the coach of former shot put world champion Werner Günthör and current Olympic champion Valerie Adams. Click here to read part one. After talking about training methods, our discussion turned towards throwing and technique and the future of the shot put.

Martin: Does Valerie normally throw without a reverse like she did today?

Jean-Pierre: She normally throws with a reverse at meets, so today was naturally not her competition technique. It is only a training technique that we use because she has a tendency to jump too early. Last year she came to Zürich and threw almost 20 meters and then came to Magglingen. We did five training sessions then like we are doing now: precise throws without a reverse and without measuring or anything else. Then in Croatia at the Continental Cup she threw 20.86m, the second best result of her career and in an important competition not just a small one.


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6 replies
  1. Bosko
    Bosko says:

    Martin, this is great, thank you for this training talk.

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with Ulf Timmermann in order to exchange a few emails with him (his English is ok, judging by the posts he once made on The Ring), but he’s nowhere to be found. He’s not in coaching, I think he’s a management consultant now. If you’re able to somehow get in touch with him or at least with Werner Goldmann (who was his coach), please do a similar training talk. Although he already did say a lot about his training in those posts on The Ring, I’m sure he has a lot more to say. I’m also curious about his thoughts about the future of throwing today and/or what he thinks about the best shot putters today.


    • Martin
      Martin says:

      Don’t worry, it’s already on my to do list. I’ve got another hammer throw one coming up next, but then I hope to have some more shot put content. The Germans have been very successful at the shot put, but like the Russians in the hammer, a lot of their material has not made it to English. Since my German is better than my Russian, hopefully I can help out even though I’m not a shot putter. The shot put was my first love after all.

  2. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    Thx Martin for these two very interesting parts of your talk whit J-P. Egger. I hope you will do something similar soon.

    see you


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