What do I even say to that?

There is all sorts of anger, frustration, and sense of failure right now in me, it’s staggering. I wasn’t expecting this result. Like, at all. My timing was just a bit off. Awesome. I threw 75.06m on my first attempt and my next two were just a little out of the sector and fouls. Both sector fouls were over the automatic qualifying mark of 77m. My second throw was a few paces past the 77m line when they showed the replay on the Jumbotron. Very well could have been the leading qualifier for the day. And it would have stamped me as the medal contender that I am. Instead I am in the athlete village writing a silly blog. Which, in reality is more for my own therapy than anything else.


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8 replies
  1. Kara Patterson
    Kara Patterson says:

    Kudos for actually writing about the bad and disappointing; I also feel like getting that stuff out in a blog is good therapy, and I’ve done it a few times this season. I can’t say anything you haven’t already thought yourself, just know that I feel for ya and think you’re great! It’s okay for it to just HURT right now, but you and I both know that you will be okay 🙂 . See you around!

  2. Jud Logan
    Jud Logan says:

    Had no doubt you would own this day and tell it exactly the way it is. I have no doubt you will indeed learn something from this and more Importantly have a good PanAm result. Very proud of you Kib!

  3. Martin Nutty
    Martin Nutty says:

    Hi Kibwe,

    I do think you have to chalk this up to a learning experience. You had a different level of expectation in this event then you would have had a few years back. Clearly the body was ready, my guess is that a little too much adrenaline was pumping causing the sector fouls

    I’ve followed your progress the last couple of years with great interest. Having the courage to totally remake your technique from scratch takes a lot of guts and something you should be immensely proud of.

    The margin between success and disaster in these events is very thin, I,m sure Lance Deal can attest to that

    This is painful now, but you have the right plan to make an impression in the twilight of this season and let em know you’re coming next year like a freight train

    I look forward to your next meets and seeing you on the podium next year

    Martin Nutty

  4. Sis
    Sis says:

    Thanks for being so honest! Gotta take the really high times along with the bitter disappointments.

    I get this all and can appreciate it for what it is.

    Life does move on and I’ll be rooting for you JUST as much in Italy.

    Stay up! Love you <3

  5. Alec Faldermeyer
    Alec Faldermeyer says:

    You’re still an inspiration to all of the young hammer throwers in the US Kibwe. I have no doubt you’ll make everyone in London know who you are next year.

  6. Tyler Hohman
    Tyler Hohman says:

    Even in defeat you manage to set an example to the young athletes out there who look up to you. I say this to my athletes all the time; Ted Williams is regarded as one of the best hitters baseball has ever seen. He batted over .350 for seven seasons. However, that also means that 65% of the time he didn’t get a hit. Instead of making excuses, you owned up to it, proposed a way to correct it, and are moving on. This speaks much louder than simply shrugging your shoulders. We have no doubt you’ll bring it in London, and Daegu just added a little more fuel to that already white hot fire. In the mean time, go kill it at Pan Am.


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