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Since I last wrote about my own training, a lot has happened. I got married, took a wonderful honeymoon, and have now returned to my normal training routine.

Honeymoon in Basque Country

After getting married in California, Kate and I quickly traveled back to Zürich before heading to the Basque country in northern Spain and southern France for 10-days on the beach. I wanted to visit a new and unique area for our trip, and we found just that. First off, the food was stunning, especially the pintxos in San Sebastian. I normally lose weight when I take a break from training, but this time that was not the case. But beyond the food, the area was beautiful and full of friendly locals. We were able to relax, catch up on some sleep, and try a little surfing. Before coming home we also got a little taste of local sport by watching a game of jaï alaï, a unique derivative of tennis where the positions of the athletes get into positions that resemble javelin throwers.


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  1. […] When I started training again last month I was very optimistic. I took some time off after the Swiss Championships and was surprised to start my 2012 training at my pre-break level. Our hope was that the break was short enough that I could pick up with my same training program. And it looked like the plan worked. But over the next few weeks my results slowly got worse and worse. If our plan had worked, my body should have responded with even results after a few weeks of training. Instead we realized we had wasted a few weeks and wasted a few meters. I don’t exactly know why my body’s reaction was a different than expected – it could have been the break, it could have been the travel and honeymoon – but in any event we started over again from scratch and scrapped my plans to have some September competitions. […]

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