Hurdles and Hammer: Observations

I just got done reading a great article and I felt compelled to blog. It has become clear to me after reading Steve McGill’s hurdle analysis that the state of the hurdles and hammer throw in America share a common hurdle, if you will. And that is technique.

While reading this post, I couldn’t help but agree with many things said, because it’s how I felt about my own hammer technique and when I finally made the conscious decision to change it. I thought, I know I have the talent, why am I not throwing farther? When I finally accepted this fact, everything changed.


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  1. Victor Smith
    Victor Smith says:

    I agree with you completely and I’m no athlete! The empahsis should be on maximizing potential and efficiency. if you do that Success WILL follow. You can’t just be a good athlete competing or you will find yourself on the outside looking in at the medalists. You have to be good at your discipline. Everything has to work together Strength, Technique, Innovation, and Training


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