The Next Level

The year of 2011 has brought me many highs and lows. I have seen my share of bad days and my greatest day ever so far, the birth of my son. I found my way into a major champs final after a subpar season but then lost my best throw  at World Champs of 65m to a slight foot foul. I lost a job of 8 years and my trust in some, but gained a large amount of perspective and from that I have derived that it is time that Jason E. Young go to THE NEXT LEVEL in the discus. I have had long throws, good comps, and close calls, but never have I had as much success as I know that I can achieve. In 2012, with the support of my family and others that back me, I shall work to be among the top tier of discus throwers in the world. Most of these  gentlemen train full time and have excellent coaching, biomechanics, therapy and some even have “other things” to go along with the legal parts. I have been training alone, working full time and being emotionally drained from my work. I know that I have something amazing inside of me and so I shall extract it day by day. STAY TUNED!

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