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A decade ago I was searching all over for a 6-kilogram hammer. At the time the IAAF had changed the official junior implement from the 16-pound (7.26-kilogram) implement to this new odd weight of 13.2-pounds (6-kilogram). And it was nearly impossible to find. The large equipment suppliers offered 12- and 16-pound varieties for high school and senior athletes. Some of them also had 14- or 18- pound hammers for training, but not what I was looking for. Then I heard rumors of a Canadian company that had discovered a polish supplier. It was like I had discovered gold, and within the next week I was the proud owner of a Polanik 6-kilogram hammer.

The same thing happened to me in 2005 when I started to train with Bondarchuk. He Told me to throw the 10-kilogram hammer one session and I had never even seen one. Again, none of the American suppliers were helpful nice they did not carry anything that heavy, but Polanik had just what I needed. For the past decade I’ve been a Polanik thrower, and that makes me proud to announce that they are my new official equipment supplier.

What sets Polanik apart in my mind is that they not just offer hammer throwers (and weight throwers) implements in literally every conceivable weight, but they also offer quality. I’ve had plenty of hammers break during my years of throwing, but not once has a Polanik hammer failed me. The swivel spins like a precision machine and the handles are the most ergonomic available.

Polanik is also unique that they are the only company that offers both selection AND quality. There are other quality manufacturers out there from Europe and America. I even had a brief flirtation with Nishi during my last year at the University of Washington. And while these brands offer quality (and might bankrupt many hammer throwers), they do not offer selection. Nishi only sells competition weight and competition quality hammers. Top throwers need a variety of weights for training and at an affordable price (a new Nishi will cost you nearly $1,000 now). The other brands offering selection often import lower quality hammers from India. Polanik has both. It is the perfect hammer for both training and competition.

If you want to buy some Polanik equipment in Europe, you can do so directly from their website: You can also find their equipment from your local distributor.

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  1. Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper says:

    We have their outdoor weights and a few training hammers along with their competition 16#. However. our son likes the feel of his DiMarco hammer for his competitions.

    John Smith at Carbondale has several Polanik training hammers, and with his stable of powerful throwers they hold up great to the weekly throwing regimen they are subjected to.

    This is a Quality Company to have as a Sponsor Martin. Congrats!



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