First Week of Camp

Wow! It’s been a good start to training camp here in Phoenix. However, it didn’t begin without a lot of frustration. Bondarchuk has grown impatient [and so have I] with my lack of improvement on the entry of my throw. It has improved, but not like I think it should be. It was one of the few times he’s shown serious frustration. So of course that just makes me want to figure this mess out more. But that is when I realized that the further I throw, the more frustrated I get with my own technical faults. I hate them. And especially the fact that he’s been yelling g at me about it for a few years now. But I guess It would be different if I had these faults for that long and I wasn’t improving as a thrower. This was my first couple of days here. Since then, I’ve been doing pretty well. Still not great technically with my first turn, but the rest is coming. Boy, I sure would like my body to figure this out.


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  1. Zoran
    Zoran says:

    Hi Kibwe, nice site you got here. I have couple of questions – understood that Dr. B is having you guys do the 3 week cycles. Is it set up from high volume to high intensity, and you supouse to hit the best at the end? And the last one – going from one to another, does he give you a rest time?
    Thanks for your time.
    All the best at OG!


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