Throwing Hammer Indoors

Throwing in the winter can present all sorts of challenges, but as I keep repeating on this site, it is important to throw the hammer year-round. The weight throw might look like the hammer throw, but nothing can replace the real thing. Throwing outside is the best option since you can get more feedback from your results, and I posted some tips for doing that last month. But it isn’t possible for everyone. In some places the winter is just too extreme to have a productive training session outside. Elsewhere, you are constrained by limited sunlight. If you work a normal job, or even a part-time job, it can be difficult to find daylight hours to go throwing (luckily our new facility this year has some lights since that was the major issue for me last season).


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2 replies
  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    The German training center in Kienbaum has a set up where it appears that they use a semi-transparent vinyl to catch the implements (See videos below).

    I have also heard that carpet works well to catch implements, it is heavy and may be difficult to hang but old carpets should be easy to come by and most importantly inexpensive.

  2. Joe Pascone
    Joe Pascone says:

    Out of everything I have read on this site, this might yet come to be my favorite. Thank you for collating this wealth of information Martin. These truly are bits of the puzzle needed to piece together the continued growth of the Hammer Dance here in America.


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