Arizona Training Camp 2012

As I left work last week several coworkers asked me where I would be headed during my time off. I explained that I would first be attending a friend’s wedding and then off to a training camp in Scottsdale. The response was along the lines of: “You mean you’ll be working out the whole time? Doesn’t sound like much of a vacation to me.” I get a similar response whenever I head out on a vacation, as if it is impossible to enjoy yourself in a warm location if you have to train. Rather than thinking of it as work, I couldn’t think of a much better vacation than the one I am having right now. The two people sitting next to me on the plane ride down both were headed to Arizona to play golf. So why do people think that I also wouldn’t enjoy playing my favorite sport non-stop for a week?

In addition to focusing my energy 100% on the sport I love, there are many other reasons training camps are so fun. For starters, I get to work with my coach again and hear his stories at every training session. But what makes it really fun is that I get to visit my best friends/former training partners. Practice is a non-stop fun with them, and each evening is spent swapping stories and jokes over good food and a few beers. Sometimes I wonder if I can carry on a whole conversation without a reference to track and field, so it is nice to have the company of people like Kibwe Johnson, Loree Smith, and Sultana Frizell down here.


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5 replies
  1. Glenn McAtee
    Glenn McAtee says:

    Your tech does look good with the 9kg. Nice work.

    Couple of questions:
    1. how far is the 9kg going?
    2. where are you training in Scottsdale?
    3. No Dylan?


    • Martin
      Martin says:

      Hey coach, good to hear from you and thanks for the input.

      1-I’m throwing between 54 and 56 during most sessions. This isn’t bad since my PR is 57.25, but I’ve been long overdue for a PR with it. It was the only hammer I didn’t improve with last year.
      2-Now that I look at a map I see that while my hotel is in Scottsdale, we are actually training in Phoenix (somehow if you keep traveling past the suburbs you enter the city limits again). We used to use Mesa CC as a base but now we use Paradise Valley CC since Dylan’s place is nearby.
      3-Dylan is here (along with Justin), but the shot putters train earlier and a ways away from the hammer ring. I just see him in passing. But the hammer throwers are together nearly all the time.

  2. Shawn Wright
    Shawn Wright says:

    Good meeting you at PVCC Martin! Again, great blog.

    Hope you get some great training in and don’t miss out on some great Mexican food while you’re here.
    Barrio Cafe
    Carolina’s downtown
    Los Dos Molinos

    Just to mention a few.

    May not be proper training food but it’s very,very good!

    Throw far.

    • Martin
      Martin says:

      Great to meet you too and thanks for the food tips…a thrower always welcomes those. Sultana already invited me to Barrio tonight and hope to try to get to some of the others soon. Quality Mexican food cannot be found in Zurich.


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