New Technique

The past few weeks have been huge in my development. My major technical error began soon after I first moved to Kamloops. When trying to perfect the art of just pushing the hammer, and only the hammer, I’d push and leave my head behind. For instance, on video I’d push the hammer by my mid point to the left, but my head would be left behind mugging for the cameras…(hence the awkward head movements Dr. B imitated of me like he’s trying to break his own neck). Real fun for me to see him exaggerate my faults like that. But, I’ve never been one to fold when challenged. So I continued to think, and do, to figure a way to get it consistently right. Key word, “consistent”.


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  1. malcolm
    malcolm says:

    Glad to read you’re getting better everyday. Unfortunately I dcouldnt relate too well to the wooosh section, haha.


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