Der Einsiedler aus den USA

It is the rare occasion that the hammer throw gets some publicity in the mainstream media, but when it happens it’s always cool. And it’s even cooler to see your picture take up half a page in the newspaper. We’re a niche sport and if we want to grow we have to put ourselves in front of new eyes. With an audience of a half-million readers, the Tages-Anzeiger’s article about me today was one such opportunity. Who knows, maybe it will lead to another person watching the sport at an upcoming meet or a new kid in my training group.

For readers of this site, you may not learn anything new about me from the article. In fact, if you do not speak German, you will learn very little. But Deborah Bucher was a great interviewer and focused on a few points that were different than past articles. Take a look below and if you aren’t sick of me you can check out some of my previous media coverage.


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