For Starters…Dress Rehearsal #1

I have been busy training, getting prepared and neglecting my blog for over a month now. I have been throwing a LOT… enough that I have kind of lost touch with the world outside the ring. To get anyone interested caught up, I have been throwing 8 sessions weekly in the discus and about 560 throws weekly (including special strength)for the last 5 weeks. This includes 2k discus 1.85k, 4k, and 2.5k. My moves are a bit better at the moment with the 2.5k and I have a training best of 56m with it (goal=60m by May). I am coming into good condition though I’m really tired, which is a pretty interesting feeling. I was a bit sick 10 days ago and even during that time I didn’t have a problem throwing around 63m with the 2k every day. I have a goal to throw over 68m in the USA before the 1st Diamond League meeting in Doha.

I competed for the 1st time (Dress Rehearsal #1) on Saturday and threw a meager 63.75m. Even though reflective of my training throws, I usually hope for 2-3m better on a competition day. My expectation was to make 65-66m. For a 1st meet that was not competitive and really laid back, I will have to accept that result. My mistake was that I allowed myself to get lured into the laxity of the environment. I plan to compete again on April 5th and will be more sharp for the next competition.

My primary goal for the USA season is to throw over 67m in Eugene, Oregon at the Olympic Trials. I have had this goal since 2010 when I threw 66.95m at the Prefontaine Classic DL. I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE that Eugene is the best place in the world to compete and the atmosphere tends to bring out my best. Working towards being a contender in London is going to take lots of courage. I feel that my goal is a necessary step to being one of those contenders. If I throw over 67m at the Olympic trials and get 4th place, I can’t complain…. but I doubt that will be the case 😉 I LOVE TOUGH COMPETITIONS!!!

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