Meet Recap: Zurich Winterwurf

The European outdoor season begins much later than the North American season, and that is especially the case here in Switzerland where most athletes do not start throwing until the end of May. But for athletes competing in the long throws, this can be a frustratingly long wait. I’ve competed at the European Cup Winter Throwing the past few years and will do so again this year. In addition, this year my club organized our own winter throwing cup here in Zürich today. Combined, these meets make up my pre-season; I get some feedback on how training is going and then have the opportunity to focus entirely on training again for two months before the real season starts.

We wanted to host our own meet for several reasons. Personally, I like to have a chance to knock off the rust before I throw against international competition. The rhythm of a competition, the stress of a competition, and actually throwing from a 7-foot ring are all things I don’t encounter when training alone. In addition, I have slowly started to build a youth training group here in Zurich and I wanted them to get a chance to set a new personal best after a winter of training indoors. And the meet also gives us a chance to slowly strengthen and bind together the Swiss throwing community since we do not have a winter throwing championship like most other European nations do.


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