The Litvinov Workout

I spend a lot of time on here talking about special strength, one topic I rarely touch on is special endurance. While special strength is overlooked by some throwers, special endurance is overlooked by nearly everyone. Training for three or four hours a day is no easy task and you need to develop some endurance to get through the grueling workouts. Cardio training can help, but we are throwers and not marathoners so we don’t want to stray too far from what we are best at. Is there a way to mesh these two worlds?

For the answer, we don’t have to look very far: just take a glance at the training of former world record holder and Olympic champion Sergey Litvinov. Litvinov was known for being an amazing athlete and much of that came in no small part from his ability to combine his strength training with endurance training. Rather than explain it myself, I’ll quote renowned strength and throwing coach Dan John‘s explanation of Litvinov’s simple yet effective training program, as observed by former discus world record John Powell at the 1983 World Championships:


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6 replies
  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    I remember reading something last year where litvinov jr wrote the workout was “made up” and his father said he never did these workouts. If bondarchuk had you do them, then I am sure this is true. How many times per week can you do something like this in season? Peak season?

  2. BryanK
    BryanK says:

    Sounds like a challenge! I am not sure how much my fellow gym members would enjoy me running 400meters in the small gym heh.

  3. Leo
    Leo says:

    The myth continues, he would have been hard put to break 80m following this routine LOL, I just cant imagine how messed up your system would be and counter productive it would be, conversely I have coached rugby players and could actually see a transfer there!


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