Don’t Take It For Granted

I learned a lesson these last few days. I began the year with the best training of my life to that point. My heavy hammers were going far and the competition weight was flying at a level of consistency that I had never seen before. Then for some reason, my normally spot on nervous system reactions changed. When I was supposed to be in good shape, I wasn’t. When I was supposed to be down, I was in great shape. Everything was haywire. A changing reaction actually is normal, but it’s a pain in the butt to have to deal with it now. But it is good to deal with it at the beginning of the season rather than the middle of it. All that is required is patience. No training program is ever written without the grander scheme in mind, so there is immense confidence in that fact. But sometimes I forget. I just have to remember that I am still the thrower that threw my 9k 70m in January. That doesn’t just disappear in a few weeks.


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2 replies
  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    You are doing excellent and I know you will do well in the Ashland Summer Series, and make it to the Olympics! Keep up the faith, the fight and the knowing that you will make it there!

  2. Steve Morgan
    Steve Morgan says:

    Hi Kibwe,

    I read your post about not taking things for granted. One line from there you said “I’ve been blessed with being able to throw…”. I just wondered where you feel that blessing came from. How do you acknowledge the source of your gift to throw?

    P.S. One of my niece’s just graduated from Ashland last month. She swam backstroke and relays for the university team. Also, I serve as a chaplain @ the London Olympic Games(as well as the previous six Summer Games). Would be great to meet you there. Be assured that I’m praying for you, your wife and your final prep to do very well in London. God bless!


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