The Clark Kent of Hammer Throwing

I have the glasses and suit, now I just need some more muscles and the ability to fly.[/caption]I have been featured in a lot of magazine and newspaper articles over the years, but my recent interview with my club’s magazine was a little more fun since I had a photographer who wanted to experiment a little. I knew it would produce something unique when I received the photo to the right as an MMS from photographer Adrian Bretscher of Hangar Ent. Group. Bring your suit, he told me. You can see the results below.


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5 replies
  1. tb
    tb says:

    What an unfortunate ad next to your story! Took me a second. Keine sexuelle Ausbeutung…Martin…huh?

    I’m starting to help coach the kids more seriously because everyone should get the chance to be inside a real hammer throw. It’s fun to see them first get that feeling and then start to pursue it.


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