Holiday Season Training Update

As of December 7th, I have been on vacation until the end of the year. It was a welcome break and after a more strenuous year at work, it will give me four weeks to focus on my training, my family, and a few of my side projects. I will write later this week about one of the projects, but for now I would like to provide an update on training.

I detailed how much I have been focusing on my winds during my last training update in November. I had made substantial progress over the last year and it was beginning to set up the throw nicely and consistently. For the first two months of training I focused on, among other things, a slower start, flatter orbit, better posture, and better rhythm in the winds. All this put me in a better position to push the hammer. Now that this is more stable I have progressed to thinking more about the turns.


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  1. Nathan Klug
    Nathan Klug says:

    Hey Martin,

    I frequently pull my upper body out of the way when the ball is going around the left side (I’m a right handed thrower) and as a result I end up heavy on the right foot at 180 degrees and loose my balance, positions, connection and speed. Its been a real problem for the last several years and I feel like I’m losing tons of distance. Any tips for how to accelerate/keep a good position through the low point and around the left side?


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