Finish It!

exclamationYou have just had your athletes do a great workout. You have polished technical elements. The level of speed and explosiveness has been sky high. So now what? Of course you will now do a cooldown. Typically the athletes slog two laps for a cooldown. Think about it what you have just done. Neurally you have taken a giant step toward negating what you accomplished in the workout. I want my athletes to finish the workout with an exclamation point. I want them to finish the work feeling close to the way I want them to start the next workout. Use your imagination and creativity. Finish with mindful activities that will set them up mentally and physically for the next workout. This is a great place to put hurdle mobility, some light med ball work and off course flexibility work. This is where you do some dynamic balance. In team sports it would be a good time to play a small game that gets them moving in different ways than they moved in training. Use the time to make the athlete better and prepare for the next workout. Never miss an opportunity to improve your athletes.

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