Following the Flock – Sheepwalking To Mediocrity

sheepI learned a long time ago that if you follow the flock of sheep for too long eventually you would step in shit. Just doing something because everybody else is doing is not a good reason for continuing to do it. You must think for yourself, look for a better way. Thirty years ago when everyone was wearing polo shirts with an alligator on them I found a company that sold shirts with a rat on them. Not to be contrarian, but to make a statement. Be independent, think for yourself, analyze. Innovate don’t imitate. Get beyond peer-reviewed research, so-called best practice and find out what works. Open your eyes and what happening right in front of you every day at training. Follow your instincts; chances are that if it looks artificial and segmented then it is artificial and segmented. Always remember that the competitive environment is not controlled and sterile it is wild and chaotic, so prepare the way you want to compete. If you do what you have always done you will get what have always got. Not good English but words to guide your training.

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