Lessons from the Armstrong Affair?

Let me start by saying I refused to watch the Oprah interview. Armstrong is a master manipulator and I feel this is another attempt to manipulate public opinion. I have been following the whole Armstrong affair with great interest. I have read most of the books. For a very long time I was in a very small minority because I always felt he was dirty. My cynical side felt that he was using the whole Livestrong Foundation as a front. I refused to wear a yellow bracelet. I am still trying to absorb all the revelations and subsequent further accusations. What I do hope will come out of all this are some lessons that will help us to clean up sport. What the affair Armstrong has brought to the forefront for me is that big-time sport is dirty. Folks what you are seeing with cycling is not isolated to cycling. Doping is rampant in track & field and some areas of swimming, not to mention the NFL. The outlaws are far ahead of the law. They are well financed as we have learned from the Armstrong revelations if you have enough money you can beat the system. The testing system is flawed, easily evaded. There are huge amounts of money at stake here, for the athletes and their entourage, for the sponsors for the International and national governing bodies and the IOC. I just hope for the future of sport and the young people coming into sport that we will find viable solutions and learn lessons from this whole sordid affair. Time will tell.

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