Building & Rebuilding The Athlete Seminar DVD’s

building_vernIn 1992 I started teaching a seminar called Building and Rebuilding the Athlete. I taught the seminar on a regular basis from 1992 until 2005. It was a seminar/workshop that defined functional training and rehab and challenged conventional wisdom in those areas. The emphasis was on how all the components of training fit together to build a complete athlete who would be fully adaptable to the sport or activity they were training for. During that time virtually everyone who are now leaders in the field attended the seminar. I never videoed the seminar despite continued requests to do so. Fast-forward to Leeds in the UK this past November. I was invited by Brendan Chaplin, S&C coach at Leeds Metropolitan University to present the latest updated version of the Building and Rebuilding the Athlete seminar. It was a great audience and an outstanding venue. Brendan videoed the whole seminar and is offering it for sale. So finally the seminar is now available for all. To purchase the DVD’s go to:

Here’s a list of the videos in the Building the Complete Athlete Series….THERE ARE 16 VIDEOS IN TOTAL!!!

  • Introduction: In the video Vern sets the scene about his coaching and how you can apply the lessons he’s learned over the last 40 years.
  • Building your Functional Framework:In this video Vern discusses developing your philosophy of coaching, what are we actually trying to do? How to get better as coaches and what our roles really are. This will get you thinking about your views on the matter.
  • Coaching Nuts and Bolts: This video is all about how to coach, the art of coaching versus the science and Vern’s thoughts on this! You’ll become a better coach simply by watching this one video alone.
  • Sport Demands: This video will teach you how to assess sports requirements and what you need to be looking for.
  • Skill and Technique: This video will outline the importance of skill and technique and how this intertwines with physical development. You can’t build skill on poor physical competence base.
  • Work Capacity Training: In this video you’ll learn about how to build work capacity in your athletes. Vern has some unique and key elements when it comes to this highly misunderstood area of our profession.
  • Work Capacity Application: This video will teach you how to apply the concepts of the work capacity video. You need that theory but more importantly you need to know how to apply the theory to actually get those results.
  • Physical Literacy: Everything starts with this, you must have it, and you must know how to assess and develop it. Learn how in this video.
  • Physical Competency Assessment (PCA): Learn how to begin with your athletes with this assessment process. This starts the Building the Complete Athlete process!
  • Periodisation Nuts and Bolts: This is all about planning. Where to put certain training units, and what you REALLY need to think about and include in your periodised plans.
  • The Importance of Core Strength and Stability (2 videos): Vern discusses ‘Core Training’ in these videos and makes some extremely valuable statements about how to actually train the core. These could be the most valuable videos in the series!
  • Multi Directional Speed and Agility Training: This practical video shows how Vern develops Gamespeed and movement qualities. You’ll pick up some superb drills and exercises to get your athletes moving well on the field or court they compete on. There’s also some key questions answered about what you can train and what you can’t!!
  • Functional Strength Training: This video shows Verns’ progressions when it comes to strength training. Learn how he has achieved success in this area with pretty much every major sport in the US and at the highest level!
  • Plyometrics: What they constitute, how to programme them, what not to do, and most importantly how to actually COACH them!
  • In-Season Training: In this video you’ll learn about planning training for athletes in season. There are some major things to avoid and some big things that you need to include too. Volume and intensity are also covered in detail leaving you with a blueprint of how to get the best from your athletes or clients.
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