February Training Update

One word to summarize my last month of training would be slow. Progress in distance has been slow. Progress in technique has been slow. And even practice itself is slow as the I’ve had to sludge through a lot of snow. Through the start of the month I was in great shape, but poor weather conditions made it hard to convert that into a good result. Thankfully I finally received a pair of over-shoe snow traction devices now that the snow has finally melted. I also have moved on to a new program and lost my chance to see how far I was really ready to throw. This new program is a transition program aimed at transferring those good results into the slightly heavy 8-kilogram hammer.

The results are good so far, at least two meters better than last February with the 8-kilogram hammer, but I feel like things could be going even better if I were making more technical progress at this point. While I think I have kept many of the technical gains I made before Christmas, I have failed to progress more mostly because it has been difficult to find time to meet with a coach again. Hopefully that will change over the next month. In any event, a two meter advantage is still great to have and will keep me on track to break 70-meters this summer. In the meantime, below you can find some video of a recent training session taken from the side and without the net in the way. It provides a new point of view and clearer look at where my technique currently stands.


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