How well can you train? That is trainability. Great athletes have a high level of trainability. They thrive on the work, while an athlete with lesser trainability just barely survives. Your ability to train effectively enough to stimulate the appropriate adaptation is a key ability. Well you might say that is obvious, if it so obvious then why do I see this factor ignored everywhere I go. There is this prevalent trend that you must always push the envelope, if it is not hard it is not good. Certainly to force adaptation and achieve a positive training response it is necessary to overload. That overload though must be related to the athlete’s trainability, their ability to handle the work with sufficient intensity, with a volume that is commensurate with their level of development both from a physical perspective and within their sport. The more effectively you train the better the adaptive response and an improved level of trainability will result in a chance to compete at a higher level.

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