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Coaching is teaching, the key to good teaching is communication and the key to communication is not more talking, it is more listening. Good coaches listen more and talk less. Then they act (not react) on what they hear.

Nothing ever happens in a vacuum. Everything is related. This is certainly true of the body as a kinetic chain and with the interdependence of the various systems of the body and also true of sports and movement skill.

Trying to select the “best” exercise for a particular activity is like putting the cart before the horse. Start with clear understanding of sport demands, then understand the position or event, know the pattern of injuries, then and only then select appropriate exercises that are contextual.

Focus on how to do it, the process. Then do it. Evaluate and do it again better.

Lean how to ask good incisive questions. The quality of the answer is completely dependent on the question.

Don’t just compete separate yourself from the competition. Start in training and it will carry over to competition. Do something everyday that no one else is doing and do it better.

Anyone can put in 10,000 hours. It is not the hours it is what you put into the hours. Focused directed deliberate practice with expert guidance is the key. Keshorn Walcott won the gold medal in the javelin at age 19 (First junior to do so) he started throwing the javelin at age 14! Just one of many examples.

Lets get rid of the term Core Strength and Stability and replace it with Postural Strength. No clear definition of core anyway. Reading “The Myth of Core Stability” by Eyal Lederman got me thinking about this.

Kids don’t need to train, they need to play, free play unsupervised by adults will bring joy and spontaneity to movement. There is plenty of time to direct and guide the play, let them be kids. Provide an environment where they can play.

Finally if you get a chance read Patrick McHugh’s Sunday Inspiration Blog blog from yesterday. Outstanding article by John Gardner. It is a great way to kick off a week.

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