Training Talk With Nick Garcia (Part 2)

Last week I posted part one in an interview with shot putter Nick Garcia. Nick started training again last year after a few years away from training and decided to experiment with creating his own program based on the methods of coach Anatoliy Bondarchuk. After a year with the new program, he provided me with his thoughts and feedback. Part two continues where we left off. First we discuss what he likes and dislikes about the program, as well as how difficult it was to learn about and implement it. We then discuss how he’s started using the training system for his successful high school group. Last week I mentioned Nick has coached 20 boys over 50-feet in just one decade of coaching. In the days since, that total has gone up 23. Before we get started, we had some requests for video of Nick, so I’ve posted two of his best throws from the past year below.


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  1. Dave Ratcliffe
    Dave Ratcliffe says:

    I have been coaching my daughter in the hammer throw now for 7 or 8 years and I have been trying to follow the Russian approach via mainly Bondarchuk’s books and articles and Bingisser’s blog. I found Bondarchuk’s literature difficult to follow at times because naturally important points were lost in the Russian – English translation.

    Last year I made contact with Derek Evely and he helped me considerably with the understanding of Bonderchuk’s training methods. In order to follow Bondarchuk’s training methods I had to make considerable changes in the way that I was previously training my daughter. It was very difficult at the time, summoning up enough courage to make the changes, but I put my faith in Derek and it paid dividends in a big way. My daughter peaked in the IAAF World Junior Championships Final with a PB of 67.00m! Thanks Derek it would never had happened without your help.


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