Ask Martin Vol. 21: Favorite Technique

1988 Olympic Gold Medalist Sergey Litvinov is probably my favorite thrower to watch video of.Question: Which thrower’s technique do you like watching the most? – Gary

At the beginning of my career I watched video to learn. Now I watch video to help visualize my own throw. While throwers like Balazs Kiss, Igor Nikulin, or even Koji Murofushi have very good technique, their styles are so different than mine that they are lower down my list. Both then and now I tend to watch video that I hope to emulate and I list a few of my favorites below. You might notice that I do not mention any women below and this is for the same reason. Female throwers typically do not have, or need, the same amount of countering in their throw as men. Since I am trying to visualize myself in the throw it is easier to do that with a male thrower.


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6 replies
  1. tb
    tb says:

    Kevin and Marcel Lomnicky, for some stuff I’m working on at the moment. I watch Pavel Krivitskiy a lot and, since I’m a small thrower, also the top women. (And, of course, Tikhon, Litvinov, and Kozmus). Koji’s 2004 rhythm is my favorite, but I can’t figure it out, so I just enjoy it.

  2. Tomsonite
    Tomsonite says:

    I was actually never a fan of Kozmus’ technique until I saw those most recent videos (one of which is the one you show here) on youtube. I think his technique is better there than I’ve ever seen it before.

    I was also always very impressed by Devyatovskiy’s technique. It still amazes me how early he got is right foot down and still managed to get a real push for his whole double support. It was a true example of how flexibility, coordination, and power have to combine to make the ball go far.

    • Martin
      Martin says:

      I like Devyatovskiy’s technique, but do not look at that much video of him. Like some other top throwers he just doesn’t match up to the model I am aiming for. It is mostly the rhythm: the start is much slower. I also feel he sometimes looks artificially low at the beginning too. But he is definitely one of the better technical throwers over the past decade.

  3. Steven K
    Steven K says:

    My favorites are Murofushi, Devyatovskiy, and McCullough. From what it looks they are not huge guys so I use them to find what things I need to focus on since I weigh in at right around 200lbs.


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