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GAIN is an acronym for Gambetta Athletic Improvement Network. This emphasis is on network to connect professionals in order to facilitate learning and sharing of ideas. In my career I served as an apprentice to learn coaching skills and techniques and have been fortunate to have great mentors to guide and direct me. My goal in starting the GAIN program was to combine the best of a apprentice practice and the guidance of a mentoring experience hence the word Apprentorship. The objective is to provide an educational opportunity that will significantly advance people’s careers by sharing information with other professionals in a setting that encourages an open exchange of ideas. This is an intense five-day workshop. We start at 6:30 in the morning and end at 9:00 at night. There is a mixture of lecture, discussions, hot topic panels and practical learn by doing participation and demonstration. If you are sincerely interested in advancing your professional development I would encourage you to apply as soon as possible. There are a few slots left open for this year.

gain_2015GAIN VI will be June 11 to June 15 at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The program is open to sport coaches, conditioning coaches, physical education teachers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and doctors.Enrollment is limited to apply please complete the following:

  • What do you do in the Athletic Development field? (Please be as specific as possible)
  • What is your personal mission statement?
  • What do want to learn from the GAIN program?
  • What or how will your participation contribute to the GAIN Network on an ongoing basis?

Please attach a professional resume’

Send your application to:

Gambetta Sports Training Systems – GAIN Apprentorship
PO Box 50143Sarasota, Florida 34232


Email to:

Professional tuition is $3,800 and scholastic tuition is $1900 (High school, junior high school, elementary school teachers and coaches are eligible for the scholastic tuition). Tuition includes breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and room. For more information please go to our website or call me at 941-378-1778 or email me at

Join us for GAIN VI apply now to advance yourself as a professional. For those who have attended and are in the network it has been a career changing experience.

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