Vern Gambetta

Someway, Somehow

Have you ever noticed how athletes and coaches who are successful seem to find a way to get the job done? Winners find a way to win; where others see obstacles they see opportunity. They just seem to have a different worldview; they have a whole different mindset. There is not a lot of talk of what could have been or what should be done; the emphasis is on now, being in the moment getting it done. Winners fall and fail but they get up and go back at it without hesitation. They learn from failures and mistakes and apply those lessons to achieve future success. No doubt some of this in the DNA of the winner but in my experience it can be learned. It is learned by eliminating the negative, modeling behavior on what is needed to succeed and above all practicing the habits of a winner. It is a choice; make a choice to be the best and act on it now.

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