Vern Gambetta

The Front Seat of the Bus

A couple of days ago one of my former White Sox players now beginning his career as a manager in the Orioles Minor League system posted a picture of himself sitting on the front seat of the bus, a traditional place for the head coach or manager to sit. It was great to see him sitting in that position because I know he has worked to earn it. I quickly sent a message off to him to wish him good luck and to not forget what is was to sit back where the players were sitting. Sitting in the front seat of the bus is a privilege that you earn. I have sat on a lot of buses in my time both as an athlete and as a coach with many types of people sitting in that front seat. Some were characters, some had character, some did not, some were heroes and some were zeros. Some had paid their dues and earned the seat and other had been anointed and then appointed. I have been privileged to sit in that seat as a head coach. I must admit as a 23 year old I am not sure I was ready the first time I sat there, but I embraced the opportunity and took the responsibility. Each time I was privileged to sit in that seat as I gained experiences I realized more and more the awesome responsibility that the seat entailed. When you sit in that seat be a leader, lead by example and actions not words. The seat by its very position as the first seat on the bus means you lead from the front. Honor the seat by respecting your staff and the players and giving it your best every day.

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