Vern Gambetta

Olympic Gold Medal Coaching

I have been fortunate in the time since the Olympic games to spend time with seven coaches of Gold medal winners in Athletics (Track & Field) from the London games. In two instances I got to watch workouts and spend significant time with the coach and athlete. These are the commonalities that all shared:

Passion – In most cases they wore their passion on their sleeves.

Technical Knowledge – They knew the basics and didn’t stray far from them. None of them made what they did overly complicated.

Emotional Intelligence – They know their athletes and themselves. They listened to the athlete.

Systematic – Nothing by chance, thorough plans, but still built flexibility into the system

Humility – Not overly impressed with themselves, willing to credit others and seek help. Did not go it alone.

Paid their dues – All except one has been coaching for quite some time; they were not always coaching gold medal winners.

Interestingly enough these are the characteristics I see in great coaches at any level. These characteristics are what it takes to be an effective coach.

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