Drug Cheats: Friend or Foe

Through social media, I’ve seen several responses to the revelation of the failed drug test from a prominent and obviously fan friendly sprinter. People seem genuinely saddened and hope that it’s not true, etc… Makes me think about how I used to view drug cheats, versus how I view them now– in my advanced age. (Jokes)


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3 replies
  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    I think it basically comes down to two things 1) ego and 2) a lack of self confidence. The ego is a mighty thing. Many of our top athletes believe they are above the rules and regulations everyone else is required to follow. They use drugs believing they won’t get caught and if they do, well they can lie their way out of it. The self confidence part is an entirely different issue. If you feel that your best effort is never going to be good enough to compete with the rest of the group, you might think the drugs will give you the confidence to do just that. But in the back of your mind will always be that nagging little voice reminding you you still cheated. You didn’t compete on an even playing field. These drugs can have terrible side affects, which some athletes are willing to put up with. Why not just have two different catagories for all athletes to compete in the users and the non users. Make all drugs available to all athletes. No punishment if you choose to use, but how long do you think anyone is going to look up to the ones who use? We can’t all be the best of anything. But I take pride in the fact that I got where I am now because of hard work, didication to my sport, and a trainer/coach who knows his/her stuff and believes in me. I don’t do what I do for anything or anyone other than me, and a pat on the back from my trainer when what he trains me to do actualoly works out. We all make mistakes, and I believe we can all learn from them, and everyone deserves a second chance, but only through honesty can we earn back the trust of those we disappoint.

  2. hugh
    hugh says:

    the only reason athletes take drugs is to win win win …..there is no point in trying to rationalize why cheats use peds , we dont know the athletes personally….but what they do affects other athletes and those around them …” when caught “…until caught there are no tears ..marion jones etc ……they have to understand that their cheating does have consequences … ask tyson gay if he really wouldnt mind an olympic bronze from the drug cheat gatlin…the list is long when it comes to drug cheats , honestly i think they dont care , and why should they , there is yet to be real consequences.. lifetime bans are the only way to go …national associations are just too weak willed … take heed doping has destroyed pro cycling

  3. DaRell
    DaRell says:

    I was once told that everyone is on something, it might now be banned just yet. Why is everyone so shocked when one of the famous runners get caught? It’s allabout the money.


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